ICONation Update: March, 2021

3 min readMar 29, 2021

Hello ICONists,

Thank you for checking out our latest news release. Please see below for ICONation related updates for March, 2021.


ICONSafe is now live on MainNet!

ICONSafe is the first multisig wallet to manage digital assets on ICON. ICONSafe provides a solution for groups that need to manage funds between multiple members in a safe, easy way.

Check out the links below for more information:

Website: https://iconsafe.net/

GUI: https://github.com/iconsafe/iconsafe.github.io

SCORE: https://github.com/iconation/ICONSafe-SCORE

Audit information available here.

Please reach out to Spl3en and the ICONation team if you have any questions about ICONSafe.

Contribution Proposal System

The first round of voting on CPS proposals is complete!

We saw 10 proposals submitted with 7 of those proposals receiving the votes necessary for approval. We are wishing all of the teams that received approval good luck and hope to see them all successfully complete their projects.

Approved CPS Proposals

ICONation voted to approve the 3 projects that did not meet the necessary threshold for approval and are also hoping to see them resubmit their proposals with any necessary refinements that can help to result in an approved vote during the next round of submissions.

Rejected CPS Proposals

ICONation intends to continue to collect the community’s voice when making decisions on whether or not to approve any CPS proposals. The community’s vote will act as a tiebreaker in any scenarios where we might see a 3 to 3 vote on any particular proposal.

For our first iteration, we sought the community’s voice via Twitter. Yes, we are aware that this method is not perfect when it comes to obtaining the community’s voice. We’d like to consider on-chain solutions to ensure that anyone voting is an ICONist and also to encourage participation via the blockchain. It’s also important that we receive a decent amount of responses from the community and will continue to investigate ways to get as much participation as possible from ICONists moving forward. We are currently considering using icon.vote for the next round.

ICONation Monthly Financial Report

Below is a summary of rewards and spending in March, 2021.

ICONation has moved funds in the Reserve Repositories to ICONSafe at the end of March, 2021. We have updated our public facing wallet information for transparency purposes. ICONation team wallets can be seen here.

As always, please feel free to reach out to us if you ever have questions about ICONation and thank you for stopping by our Medium for the latest!

By ICONists, for ICONists