ICONation Update: October, 2020

4 min readOct 30, 2020

Hello ICONists,

Thank you for checking out our latest news release. Please see below for ICONation related updates for October, 2020.

Grant Proposal: Travala Partnership

NorskKiwi has submitted a grant proposal that would result in the integration of ICX payments into the Travala network. The official proposal can be seen here.

1. Title

Travala Partnership — Integrate ICX payments to Travala.com 10 & Marketing Campaign.

2. Project category:

  • Infrastructure
  • ICX Utility
  • Network Growth

3. Project description

  • As part of this integration, ICX will be added as a payment option on Travala.com 10. This integration will provide immense utility to the ICX token and its holders.
  • Over 3 million travel products will become available to ICX holders with prices up to 40% cheaper than mainstream online travel agencies.
  • ICX branding featured as a payment option in Travala’s homepage and mobile apps.
  • Marketing of the partnership and integration via exclusive promos across all channels.
  • Cashbacks with bookings.
  • Joint team AMA’s with giveaways or travel credits.
  • Secret sales promos for paying in ICX.
  • Whitelabel version of Travela website that can be redone with ICON branding eg https://www.travala.com/binance 5,
  • Stake for Credits: An option for ICONists to earn bonus travel credits whilst staking ICX.

4. Project Duration

Contract length of 3 years.

5. Milestones

Time from funding to delivery is so fast there is no need for technical milestones. After a budget is signed/agreed upon an announcent will be made about the partnership. Approximately 2 weeks later integration will be complete. At that point Travala will launch a kick off promotion.

6. Funding

Travala Requests

  • Integration/management is costed at $50,000 USD. 0 USD requested, Travala offers to cover this expense themselves.
  • ICX Marketing and Promotions on Travala — 100% of this ICX goes to users in givebacks, discounts, promos etc $50,000 USD.

Secondary Request

  • Funding for the management of this Travala + ICON partnership. Resources will be used towards communications, marketing, and community growth — $ 25,000 USD. ICONation offers to commit $9000 USD towards this initiative, and asks that the ICON Foundation commit $16,000 USD.

7. Contact

I am working in conjunction with Ben Rogers, CMO at Travala.com 10. We have been coordinating documentation, marketing, technical integration etc.

8. Public Address’

Will be provided upon request.

I’m very excited about this partnership, it’s a huge use case for ICX. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your consideration Icon Community!

James aka NorskKiwi

If you like this initiative and want to support it, please visit the ICON forum and vote for this proposal by clicking on the vote button located near the title of the post.

Below is a summary of rewards and spending in October, 2020.

The following rewards were claimed and distributed on October 1, 2020.

The following expenses occurred in October, 2020.

AS of October 30th, 2020 ICONation has approximately 499,178 ICX saved for the bond requirement.

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